Our customers receive a complete refining service from Gauteng Refinery. We have developed a step by step refining process to provide you with a best in class service and maximum metal return. From the initial material analysis, we will guide and advise you every step of the way. Strategic alliances with other refineries allow us to source and supply specific precious metals’ compounds that are not produced internally.


We accept a wide range of feedstock, including but not limited to PGM residues, mining concentrates, jewellery scrap, coins (not Krugerrands), auto catalysts scrap, printed circuit boards and electronic scrap. All metals are purified to 99.5% plus, and sold either as sponge, granules or bars, depending on customer requirements. A list of the indicative types of materials we accept follows and can also be downloaded here.

Hand sorting and screening concentrate at our operations in Evander

Taking delivery of Gauteng Refinery’s new furnace


Industry Material Type Pt Pd Rh Ru Ir Os Au Ag Examples
Chemical Catalyst intermediates Catalyst intermediates, process catalysts
Solutions Distillation residues
Production residues Wipes, filter cloths
Consumer Coins, scrap, jewellery
Dental Manufacturing & alloy scrap Crowns & alloy scrap
Production residues Floor sweeps, grindings or other residues
Electronics E waste CPU's, ram, wires, chips, no plastic
Targets Pure mixed residues and sludge
Sand blast & cleandown residue
Catalysts End of life auto catalysts Preprocessed ceramic, metallic, silicon carbide
Production residues Obsolete/reject stock
Stationary Catalyst Ceramic blocks
Fuel Cells Electrodes End of life electrodes, carbon & carbon fines
MEA’s End of life MEA’s
Production residues Floor sweeps, spent catalysts
Glass PGM Alloys Refractory
Refractory brick
Mirroring residues Silver sludge
Gold Refiners Secondaries PGM concentrates, sludges
Losses Bag houses, precipitators, effluent
Sweeps Crucibles, slags
Jewellery End of life scrap Rings, chains, rods, ingots, slags
Watch cases, coins Case and strap alloys
Productions residues Floor sweeps, grindings and residues
Laboratories Residues Analytical residues
Medical X-rays
Metallurgical Facility clean ups Smelthouse, thickeners
Carbon & carbon fines
Bag house
Mining Effluents
Concentrates Free gold, alluvial
Vamping Stopes, mills
Petrochemical Reforming catalyst Free flowing pellets, extrudate, spheres
Catalyst residues Fines
PGM Refiners Process residues By products, waste, effluents, residues
Secondaries Osmium, silver chlorides
Plating Ion exchange resins
PGM scrap
Flake, sludges