Our commitment to honesty and integrity has resulted in a company that is held in high regard with not only our clients and business partners, but by our competitors, government and the precious metals industry in general.

It is our policy to only purchase precious metals from legitimate and ethical sources. The metals which we accept have not been associated with corruption, crime, armed conflict, misrepresentation of tax and royalty payments or human rights’ abuse. We will continue to operate our company with honesty and the highest of moral standards in all aspects of our business.

The shareholders, management and staff of Gauteng Refinery will not tolerate nor profit from :

  • Child labour or any form of forced labour
  • Human rights’ violations and abuses
  • Torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment
  • War crimes, genocide

Gauteng Refinery has implemented the above mentioned policy and appointed a Compliance Officer, who is responsible for overseeing our policy, management systems and due diligence process regarding the purchase of precious metals.

We will require all business partners and suppliers to confirm their commitment and compliance to Gauteng Refinery (Pty) Ltd’s Responsible Precious Metals Policy.

This Full Policy is available for download here