We not only respect the stakeholders who have a vested interest in our business, but also those who are affected by where we operate and what we do. As such we consider communities an important part of our stakeholder pool. We undertake a number of corporate social responsibility endeavours focused on historically disadvantaged South Africans.

Our commitment to these initiatives includes:

  • to strive towards compliance with the provisions of the South African Government’s Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment ambitions
  • to commit to investing in education and the development of youth
  • to improve the quality of life of people in the rural communities through fostering awareness of the environment
  • to promote ecological rehabilitation, sound environmental awareness and resource utilisation.

The Zonketina Athletes
The company sponsors soccer and netball teams comprising young, entrepreneurial athletes. Seen here are members of the soccer team. The intention of this contribution is to assist in the upliftment of the youth, as well as providing them with resources and opportunities not easily accessible in the rural area where they live. The team members say that playing sport and belonging to a team gives them motivation and direction.

Internship and learnership programme
Gauteng Refinery offers internship programmes for a limited number of interns approved to conduct their P1 and P2, practical components of their Diploma or Degree.
Similarly, the company also offers learnership programmes which encompass practical, on the job exposure in developing the required skills in the Refinery.
The application processes for these programmes can be downloaded here.

Michele Beaumont – Human Resources Manager
Michele has a National Diploma in Personnel Management, Management Development Programmes, Stellenbosch and Wits Business Schools, an MBA, University of Southern Queensland and is a qualified coach. She has 20 years’ management experience in the corporate environment and joined the company in 2015.
Her areas of responsibility include human resources, recruitment, transformation, business process optimisation, policy construction and refinery operations.