With a proud history extending as far back as 1934, Mintek is a leading provider of minerals processing and metallurgical engineering products and services to industries worldwide.

Gauteng Refinery’s site at Mintek was acquired from Harmony Gold and for more than 20 years has been recovering and refining gold and platinum group metals.

The company’s relationship with Mintek began in 1995 and due to this partnership, the company enjoys access to shared resources and facilities through several formal collaboration agreements.

It is a strategic alliance that has benefited both parties and continues to contribute to the success of excellence in product delivery.

Mintek’s submerged arc furnace

INTL FCStone Inc

INTL FCStone Inc is a Fortune 500 financial services firm focused on diversified financial markets. It provides clients across the globe with a comprehensive range of customised financial services and tools to help them protect their margins and manage volatility. INTL through its FX pricing platform can price gold at any time and/ or hedge, and have an efficient mechanism for USD/ ZAR conversion. With a more rapid processing and payment pipeline, the costs and risks of metal price and exchange rate fluctuations are mitigated.

It provides Gauteng Refinery with access to the financial resources required for the financing of its metals pipeline and work in progress inventory. This includes access to other gold refineries who are able to refine and sell gold as a final product up to 999.9 fineness.

Responsible Jewellery Council

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is a not for profit, standards setting and certification organisation for the entire gold supply chain. RJC members commit to and are independently audited against the RJC’s Code of Practice and Chain of Custody Certification for precious metals. Gauteng Refinery is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and is working towards conformance and accreditation with the RJC’s CoP, CoC and the principles of the Responsible Gold Guidance.

Proudly South African

The Proudly South African Campaign encourages the South African Nation to make personal and organisational contributions to economic growth and prosperity in South Africa, thereby increasing employment opportunities and reinforcing national pride. Gauteng Refinery is a Proudly South African member.


The eWaste Association of South Africa (eWASA) was established in 2008 to manage the establishment of a sustainable environmentally sound e-waste management system for the country. Since then the non-profit organisation has been working with e-waste handlers to manage e-waste effectively.

Gauteng Refinery has an active interest and concern in e-waste with there being opportunities to establish local businesses focussing on collection and recycling of e-waste to support environmental awareness and responsibility. Large quantities of e-waste are still exported for processing in Europe and the USA, which could easily be processed locally and support local job creation.


The company recognises the vital importance of meeting all customer requirements in a highly competitive market place. We are proud to have sound and long standing relationships with many of our clients and to have had these close associations which are built on trust and dependability.