Our group of companies has over 34 hard earned years of experience in managing by products, residues and wastes, with the associated environmental and other benefits.

A key part of this has been innovative partnering with Mining and Metallurgical operations for:

Site Clean Ups

Based on an upfront resource map and work plan, materials are extracted from infrastructure including equipment, smelt houses, bag houses and precipitators for subsequent precious metals recovery and refining.


On or off site recovery from materials such as dusts, fines, carbon fines, wood chips and slags.

Waste Materials

- Solid wastes such as crucibles, refractories
- Liquid wastes such as mine runoff, tailings dam return water, effluents

Gauteng Refinery has proprietary technology to remove contained precious metals down to a single figure part per million, whilst also treating effluents fit for discharge in compliance with all legislative, sustainable and moral requirements.

- Airborne emissions

As with all of the company’s activities, the above is done in close conjunction with Mine Management and Operations Personnel based on full transparency, trust and technical competency.